Worthy innovations, naturally.


We invest where it matters.

EnWin 2030 is an investment fund focused

on environmental innovation and projects based on sustainable and circular economy principles. Investments can be done economically as well as ecologically - where it truly matters.

The more we help, the more we value our investments.

Above the Clouds


We support startups and young businesses focused on ecological, sustainable and innovative solutions, especially in four selected areas:



Water has an indisputable, rapidly growing strategic importance across sectors and ecosystems - especially in these days of climate change. We support solutions focused on treating water as a vital resource, the sustainability of water management, the quality of surface and groundwater, and tackling drought.



Climate protection and carbon neutrality are key issues. And so we are looking for ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, especially CO2. These are from ¾ generated primary energy, transport, industrial processes and construction.



Through innovation, we strive to reduce the waste burden on our environment. We aim to reduce the waste production and support further usage of waste as a material, recycling and the principles of circular economy. A good management of waste means sustainable product designing as well.



Alternative, clean energy sources, but also increasing the energy efficiency of materials or creating an integrated and digitized energy market. These topics of energetics have a huge impact on the carbon neutrality that the EU has committed itself to by 2050.


Projects we support and invest in.



"When I introduce EnWin to investors, I don't like using words like help or save the planet. I believe that if the planet wants, it will help itself.

It definitely has the power. 

However, it makes great sense to talk about recovering the planet, recovering everything 

mankind have ruined over the past decades."

—  Daniel Šenkýř,

      CEO Keiretsu Forum CEE,

      Founder EnWin



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